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Supplier Payments

Note: Chicago Public Schools' fiscal year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th. For example, FY 2016 begins 7/1/2015 and ends 6/30/2016.

Supplier Payments

View supplier payments for specific fiscal years.

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CPS Supplier Portal

Register through the self-service portal.

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CPS iSupplier Portal Registration Requirement

The iSupplier Portal is only for active CPS vendors. If you do not have an active CPS vendor number, you will not be able to access the portal. Please see the How to Become a CPS Vendor page for further information.

Chicago Public Schools issues electronic Purchase Orders (POs) and does not print or mail hard copies of POs to its suppliers. Therefore, all suppliers are required to register on the CPS Supplier Portal. Through this self-service portal, all Suppliers will have access to download approved purchase orders or to request CPS to send the orders electronically to their email address. Additionally, you may register additional users from your organization using the Portal's self-service "Admin" functionality. If you haven’t registered your business with the CPS Supplier Portal yet, please do so now.

The registration process is simple. Visit the CPS Supplier Portal site.

Department of Procurement


773-553-2251 (Fax)

Vendors/External Users, please submit your questions via Procurement Customer Service Request Form.

CPS Internal Users, please submit your questions via Procurement School Support.

Office of Business Diversity


773-553-2998 (Fax)