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Procurement Policies

Code of Ethics

The Chicago Board of Education is committed to ensuring that Board Members, Local School Council members, Officials and Employees act in the highest ethical manner in order to preserve the trust of residents and taxpayers. Furthermore, it is essential to set a good example for and act in the best interest of Chicago Public School students.

In addition to adherence to the standard Code of Ethics policy, the Department of Procurement has a strict zero tolerance (meaning $0.00) gift policy from vendors for Department of Procurement employees. Furthermore, although certain gifts are permitted (as outlined below) for employees in other departments and schools at CPS, we strongly recommend not providing gifts or parties to any CPS employees.

As opposed to gifts or parties, we encourage all partners to continue to provide quality goods and services, but at reduced prices. Additionally, we encourage our partners to challenge the way they do things. If you think there is a better, more efficient way to achieve the desirable outcome, please know the Department of Procurement is a safe and attentive place to bring up your ideas.

Indebtedness Policy

All vendors of CPS are required to submit an affidavit disclosing (1) any delinquencies by any of its substantial owners on a court-ordered child support arrearage and, (2) if any exist, whether the substantial owner has entered into a court-approved agreement for the payment of all child support owed and is in compliance with such agreement. In addition, every potential contractor shall submit such an affidavit prior to execution of any contract.

View the Indebtedness Policy.

Minority and Women-Owned Business Policies

The Affirmative Action Program is an integral part of the overall procurement process to guarantee that economic development, inclusion and equity is afforded to all businesses in the communities in which children reside. The Chicago Public Schools is committed to working with the minority and women business community to provide quality goods and services. Please visit one of our M/WBE information pages for more information about the M/WBE policies.

M/WBE Policies:

Under the M/WBE Program, a certain percentage of the aggregate dollar value of the contracts awarded by the Board must go to minority or women owned business enterprises. An MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) or a WBE (Woman Business Enterprise) is a local business that is owned and controlled (minimum of 51% ownership) by a member of a minority group or by a woman.

Requirements for the utilization of MBE and WBE firms are included in each bid/proposal solicitation. If you have any questions concerning MBE/WBE certification and/or compliance, please contact the Office of Business Diversity at 773-553-2980.

Spend Authorization Policy

All vendors are subject to the Procurement spend limits (no more than $35,000 in total biddable and non-biddable goods or services), unless authorized by a fully executed Board contract.

Debarment Policy and List of Debarred Vendors

The Debarment Policy of Chicago Public Schools has been adopted by the Board to further its goal of protecting the Board from engaging in business relations with dishonest, unethical, or otherwise irresponsible individuals. Firms and individuals listed on the Debarred Vendor List (PDF | Spreadsheet) are prohibited from doing business with CPS.

Department of Procurement


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Vendors/External Users, please submit your questions via Procurement Customer Service Request Form.

CPS Internal Users, please submit your questions via Procurement School Support.

Office of Business Diversity


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