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Title I

The Title I team ensures CPS, State and Federal grant fidelity, track and support compliance and spending, train parent leaders and offer parent engagement support to schools.

We also facilitate parent involvement in Title I schools by working with principals and parents to comply with mandates for programming supported by Title I funds and centralize programmatic offerings to ensure equity across various Parent University and training sites. 

Parent Board of Governors (PBG)

Though operating remotely, the PBG has been an instrumental voice in contributing to parent-centered expenditure guidance and a paperless compliance process for FY22. The PBG serves as parent consultants to various departments including Student Protections, Safety and Security, and Equity. 

Parent Advisory Councils (PACs)  

Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) empower parents to serve as partners in the education of their children at schools that receive Title 1 funding. Each academic year, schools establish Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) to bring together parents/legal guardians, teachers/staff, and community stakeholders to work with their school principal in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of the Title I Program. 

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