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Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

Our Mission

The Office of Family and Community Engagement (FACE) works to empower students, teachers, and parents to ensure families and communities have an active voice in their child’s educational experience. FACE works to empower families through outreach, events, whole-family educational opportunities, and community and faith-based partnerships.

Vision & Purpose

  • Increase student achievement
  • Build partnerships with parents and community
  • Communicate district initiatives
  • Empower families and community
  • Close the communication gap between families and the communities
  • Establish a pipeline to resources and services



Levels of Engagement

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We will keep you informed, in your language and in a format that reaches you or your household.

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We will listen and acknowledge your thoughts.

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We will work with you to ensure your thoughts are reflected.

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We will work together to formulate solutions that take your advice.

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Explore Our Community Toolkit

The CPS Dreaming with Community Toolkit was developed in partnership with Conic Group, a human-centered design firm, community partners and parents. This toolkit builds on the CPS Equity Framework, Elevated Chicago Principles and Recommendations and CPS’ Spectrum of Inclusive Partnerships. It is built on a foundation of trust and respect for each community as the leading voice in articulating its dreams for what education services should be.


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Get Involved With Your Local School Council

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Rising by Lifting Others: Empowering Parent Leaders on Chicago’s South Side
In her role as a FACE manager for CPS, Mirlene Dossous gives back to the Chicago community as a counselor, mentor, and resource connector.

Keeping the Doors Open: The Positive Effects of Parent Workshops on Chicago’s North Side
As a FACE manager serving Chicago’s Far North Side neighborhoods, Les Kniskern believes that every parent deserves access to equitable professional and learning opportunities.

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