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Community Partnerships

The Community Partnerships Office works with communities to transform schools and the neighborhoods they serve. We meet each school and community where they are at and help them get where they want to be.

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Everything you need to know about Community Partnerships

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Who We Work With

We work with community stakeholders like you who have a vision for the future of your schools and community. In partnership with the FACE and Equity teams, our department supports you in making this vision a reality.

What We Do

By working within the communities of CPS, our ultimate goal is to advance CPS’ Five Year Vision by empowering communities to improve educational opportunities in their neighborhoods. We’re responsible for:

  • Partnering with communities to strengthen education within their neighborhoods.
  • Identifying and motivating community partners (e.g., philanthropy, non-profit, university, etc.) to support communities in creating education-based goals for their neighborhoods and students.
  • Managing and improving the community-led school model exploration toolkit and process.
  • Providing feedback to improve cross-departmental tools to ensure they are meeting community needs. These include the GoCPS enrollment platform,  Annual Regional Analysis (ARA), Equity Index Mapping, Space Utilization, and Academic RFP.
  • Supporting students, families, and schools impacted by school transitions.

School Model Exploration

As more communities explore pathways for strengthening school choices in their neighborhoods, CPS has consistently been asked for support in how they can better navigate the process. Because CPS is committed to supporting our communities, we have documented best practices from other schools that have gone through adapting their school models to ensure that communities have access to our lessons learned.



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