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Family and Community Engagement (FACE)

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) partners with parents/guardians, educators, local businesses, churches, community organizations, and other stakeholders to strengthen the connections between our schools and our communities and improve educational outcomes for all students.

Family and Community Engagement in Education

773-553-FACE (3223)

42 W. Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60602

Family and Community Engagement (FACE) empowers parents/guardians to be active stewards of their child’s educational process and facilitates family and community participation in their school community through outreach, events, educational opportunities, and community and faith-based partnerships.

Our core work is anchored in:

  • Increasing student achievement
  • Building partnerships with parents and community
  • Effectively communicating district initiatives
  • Empowering families and community
  • Closing the communication gap between families and the communities
  • Establishing a pipeline to resources/services

FACE Specialists

FACE managers focus on training and empowering parents and community stakeholders to become participants and leaders within their schools and community. They also provide training and facilitate engagement through community forums and events, including the Chicago Board of Education meetings. To identify the FACE Manager connected to your school, see FACE Managers.


  • Volunteer Programs

    CPS welcomes parents and community stakeholders who wish to contribute their valuable time and talents to enriching the academic experience of our students.

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  • Parent Leadership Institute

    The Parent Leadership Institute (PLI) is a rigorous 10-week leadership development program that teaches parents how to become agents of change and leading advocates for all children.

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  • Parent Collaborative

    FACE Managers share information and build leadership capacity at monthly meetings for parents and community members from Title 1 schools within a Network.

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  • Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

    PACs are established at schools that receive Title 1 funding. They work to empower parents to inspire and assist their children in achieving educational goals and graduating from high school.

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  • Parent University

    Parent Universities offer parents, guardians, and community members learning and training programs on a broad array of topics at CPS school sites across the city at no cost.

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  • Local School Councils (LSCs)

    Local School Councils are made up of parents, community residents, school staff, and principals and serve as the policy-making body of the school. They have remained an important vehicle for participatory democracy, allowing not only educators but parents the opportunity to make important decisions about how their children will be educated.

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  • Community Action Council (CACs)

    Community Action Councils (CACs) bring together families, school administrators, teachers, staff, and community stakeholders to support the improvement of local education.


  • Office of Faith-Based Initiatives

    We are committed and dedicated to bridging the gaps between Chicago Public Schools and the faith-based communities of Chicago.

    Our mission is to establish effective partnerships with faith-based institutions city-wide. We understand the role of faith-based leaders as valuable resources and know that these partnerships actively engage the community and contribute towards the success of our students and schools.

    Adopt-a-School is a collaborative effort and partnership between the faith-based community and Chicago Public Schools to identify and offer enrichment activities for CPS students during the academic year. 

    This program is managed by the Office of Faith-based Initiatives. This partnership opportunity is created to sustain a formal, relevant relationship for a minimum of one academic year. Once a faith-based institution and the paired school have identified a minimum of three activities, they will work together to determine when and how the activities will be uniquely executed during the academic year.

    Safe Haven Programs
    The Office of Faith-Based Initiatives partners with faith-based and nonprofit organizations to host the Safe Haven program across the city. All CPS students can participate in after-school, spring break, and summer break programming at Safe Haven sites at no charge.

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