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Information and Technology

Smart sustainability policies require smart data management to monitor energy use, track the impact of projects, and plan for the future.

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    Improve the accuracy and accessibility of energy data
    We use advanced billing and energy data management services to understand and improve energy performance across the district.

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    Reduce consumption by 30% by 2025 from 2019 baseline
    Reducing consumption by 2025 requires a multitude of strategies from installing energy efficient appliances, implementing energy management solutions, and encouraging smart energy behaviors.

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    Our plans to improve energy performance include:

    • Develop geospatial tools to facilitate energy management
    • Continue to install BAS systems across CPS facilities
    • Continue to monitor and evaluate billing data
    • Establish initiative tracking dashboards using GIS

Program Details

We use AssetPlanner to manage utility billing and payment and Building Automation Systems (BAS) to control and monitor the performance of various systems. While AssetPlanner is currently deployed across our facilities and schools, BAS has and will continue to be implemented at all schools in the near future. Further these technologies harness our ability to monitor and manage energy consumption and improve operational and maintenance efficiencies.

Energy and Sustainability Programs

View more sustainability programs that are helping to reduce consumption of energy and increase the renewable resources used throughout the district.