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Curriculum Networks

Energy and sustainability are interwoven in environmental programs, educational outreach and sustainability classes at CPS.

There are co-benefits to our actions that stretch beyond just reducing emissions, such as developing the green workforce. IUOE Local 399 (building operating engineers) has been a strategic partner for the operation and maintenance of our schools for a number of years. Local 399’s emphasis on building engineer education and development supports our Energy and  Sustainability mission. IUOE Local 399’s new state of the art training facility offers hands-on and continuing education throughout the year on a wide range of topics, including sustainability. 

Schools across the CPS system have created educational programs that connect students with the local environment and with local groups. These invaluable educational experiences highlight the importance of sustainability for students. 

Environmental Programs

  • We have numerous schools that have been awarded the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools award. This award recognizes schools that:
  • reduce environmental impact and costs;
  • improve the health and wellness of schools, students, and staff; and
  • provide effective environmental and sustainability education

School Gardens and Ecology

Our facilities strive to enhance and create sustainable urban ecologies by using low-impact materials and green infrastructure to minimize environmental impacts. School gardens are a point of entry for schools and students to engage with the natural environment on their own campus. Nearly 60 schools have gardens on their campus, engaging 33,000 students, while an additional 100 schools have campus parks.

Energy and Sustainability Programs

View more sustainability programs that are helping to reduce consumption of energy and increase the renewable resources used throughout the district.