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Energy and Sustainability


We are committed to conserving, protecting, and sustaining our natural resources by implementing programs that reduce our consumption of energy and increase the renewable resources used throughout the district. Collectively, these programs help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and associated climate impact. Our Climate Action Plan focuses on five areas: energy and water; facilities; renewable energy; waste management and recycling; and transportation.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency projects rely on using improved technology, maintenance, and design strategies to achieve energy savings.

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Energy Conservation

Energy conservation projects identify and activate opportunities for building occupants to use less energy through smart behaviors.

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Renewable Energy & Electrification

Foundational to our success in reducing our carbon footprint is the deployment of renewable energy resources.

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Water Conservation

Managing water consumption is vital to our schools for drinking, food preparation, swimming pools, and restrooms.

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Waste Management and Recycling

Minimizing waste across the district requires a collective effort to take advantage of opportunities big and small.

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Information and Technology

Smart sustainability policies require smart data management to monitor energy use, track the impact of projects, and plan for the future.

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Alternative transportation strategies not only reduce emissions but can improve air quality and promote physical activity.

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Energy and sustainability are interwoven in environmental programs, educational outreach and sustainability classes at CPS.

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