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What We Plan to Accomplish

By building a healing-centered district, CPS will increase collective healing and wellness for staff, students, families, caregivers, and community. Through this effort, CPS is making an unprecedented investment in the wellness of our people. Rather than a new thing to do, this commitment represents a deepening investment toward the goals we outlined in our five-year vision. Among many returns, we expect to see the following results:

High quality, rigorous instruction

 Teachers and staff that understand trauma and have strategies to support students.

 Targeted interventions available to students in each school, such as after-school groups, grief and loss supports, and clinical groups.

 Student attendance as more inclusive, healing-centered environments better engage students and families.

Talented, empowered educators

 Staff, including school leaders, that feel supported in managing their own trauma and advancing their individual wellness.

 Job satisfaction of all staff.

 Retention and recruitment of all staff.

Safety and support

 Supportive environments, such as 5Essentials scores and Supportive Schools Certifications.

 Restorative practices and corresponding decrease in punitive discipline, like out-of-school suspensions.

Collective impact

 Vetted community partners providing healing supports per school.

 Family and caregiver engagement.

 Resources accessed by families and caregivers to support wellness, such as those available in Parent University.

The Healing-Centered Framework is only the starting point of our multi-year transformational journey. At this stage, we are mobilizing cross-functional teams to launch initiatives that will begin to translate the vision into reality for our entire CPS community. We are incredibly excited to continue evolving this work as we learn more from our efforts and from our conversations with you. The magnitude of this endeavor is large both in scale and importance to our CPS family - together, we can create a healthier and more supportive district for all students.

View the Full Framework

For more information, including examples of what these components might look like for each stakeholder group, view the full Healing-Centered Framework.