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Operational Excellence | Chicago Public Schools

CPS’ Three-Year Blueprint


Recommitments & Reimagining

Operational Excellence

In our previous strategic plan, this priority was called “Financial Stability,” but our commitment is larger than that — it’s about ensuring all of our students feel supported inside and outside the classroom with high-quality services, and that resources are distributed equitably to eliminate opportunity gaps across the District.

Our Recommitments

School building

1. High-Quality Services

  • Invest in our buildings so every student has access to high-quality school environments.
  • Ensure our buildings are cleaned and maintained daily to create safe learning environments.
  • Ensure that all eligible students have access to transportation services.
  • Engage student voice to inform nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch options.
  • Procure goods and services in a user-friendly process and without significant delays.
  • Develop a robust data and IT infrastructure to promote effective and equitable operations and learning.

2. Equitable Resources

  • Work with school leaders to fully invest in the District’s instructional priorities and shift resources to support the core student experience.
  • Advance funding equity by increasing targeted investments to support our highest-need students.
  • Secure additional education funding from the state and improve our funding model to more equitably and adequately support students.
  • Ensure student access to technology that allows them to access high-quality curriculum.
  • Increase contracting with minority-owned and women-owned businesses to build wealth within the communities we serve.

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Getting Involved

In order to arrive at the best solutions, we need the voices of those who are most impacted to be central in the process. Schools and communities are experts in their lived experiences — and our solutions must respond to those lived experiences. We want to encourage students, families, teachers, leaders, partners, and community members to get involved with co-creating solutions to longstanding challenges in our District.

If you are interested in getting involved, please fill out the form below so that we can contact you with opportunities to engage with CPS on these important issues. For more information on the methods and activities CPS uses for community engagement, visit our Reimagining With Communities Toolkit.

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