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Recommitments | Chicago Public Schools

CPS’ Three-Year Blueprint


Recommitments & Reimagining


Our district has three overarching commitments that drive our work: Academic Progress, Operational Excellence, and Building Trust. Within each priority area, we are outlining our Recommitments — proven strategies that we are using in the immediate term and beyond to help our students and school communities fully recover from the pandemic.

Our Approach to Equity

We know that this pandemic has not impacted all students equally. It is our responsibility as a District to recognize this reality and ensure an equitable recovery.

At CPS, we apply an Equity Lens to all of the work we do. It enables us to see and understand the existing structures and conditions that create inequities, as well as the changes that are necessary to create more equitable learning environments.

In order to achieve equity, we employ the practice of Targeted Universalism — setting universal goals and then using targeted support to help students and school communities eradicate opportunity gaps and reach those goals.

These two concepts are central to our work as we help our students recover.