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Building Trust | Chicago Public Schools

CPS’ Three-Year Blueprint


Recommitments & Reimagining

Building Trust

In our previous strategic plan, this priority was called “Integrity,” but we changed it to “Building Trust,” recognizing that acting with integrity is something you do alone while building trust is something we do together. To do this, we must respect our students and families and the diverse communities in which they live, and include them as partners in our shared mission. Our challenge is to ensure that we honor the lived experiences of the families we serve and ensure transparency within our decision-making. As part of our commitment to leading with integrity, we acknowledge the need to heal and build trust with our community by focusing on:

Our Recommitments

Partnership hands

1. Inclusive Partnerships

  • Value and prioritize youth participation and influence by establishing decision-making roles for students on all Local School Councils (LSCs) and the Board of Education.
  • Center teacher voice through the Teacher Advisory Council as a forum for direct communication and collaboration between CPS teachers and executive leadership.
  • Deeply engage principals on all key decisions that impact their schools through bi-monthly meetings with the CEO, CEdO and COO; the Principal Advisory Council; and Network Advisory Groups.
  • Bridge stakeholder engagement with policy-making by creating strong systems to ensure parent and community voices are represented in District policies.


2. Transparency

  • Proactively share all of the inputs the District is providing for schools, programs, initiatives, and resources, as well as their impacts on student outcomes.
  • Increase our family programmatic offerings and ensure our partners have access to information and resources to support their decision-making for their students.
  • Provide timely, relevant, and accurate information to the public and make it accessible by translating District-wide, parent-facing communications into the five major languages in Chicago: Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Mandarin, and Urdu.