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School Repurposing

2013 School Actions Building Repurposing and Sale Process

Please note: this site will be updated with additional information as the repurposing process continues.

CPS’ broker contacts:

CBRE, Inc.

Mike Nardini – 312-935-1030
Mitch Adams – 312-935-1469

Ware Realty Group, LLC

Sarah Ware
312-376-1448 Ext 10


Updated January 2015

Completed or Ongoing

  • Creation of public website with property data - Completed
  • Identifying properties for immediate reuse - Completed
  • Engaging Aldermen throughout the city regarding community input - Completed
  • Preparing Request for Proposals ("RFP") to retain real estate broker(s) - Completed
  • Preparing bid solicitation for public advertisement of properties - Ongoing

April 2014 – August 2014

  • Retain real estate broker(s) through public RFP process - Completed
  • Host property walk-throughs with broker(s) - Ongoing

August 2014 – Present

  • Publicly advertise bid solicitation for properties - Ongoing
  • Advisory Review and Evaluation Committee assessment of proposals - Ongoing
  • CPS Board to approve conveyances/re-advertise bid solicitation as needed - Ongoing
  • Convey those properties approved by the Board - Ongoing

Buildings to be Repurposed

Details on the buildings to be repurposed are listed below. Please note that pursuant to the Advisory Committee's Report, buildings are currently being evaluated for immediate reuse by the City or other governmental agencies. Some buildings have been withdrawn from the repurposing process and identified for immediate reuse.

CPS reserves the right to amend or correct property information, including PINs and legal descriptions. Ward information is provided for both current and 2015 boundaries.

School Information

Community Meetings

CPS is supporting the Aldermen of the affected wards to coordinate community meetings where repurposing ideas for the buildings can be discussed in an open, public forum. Future meetings will be posted here.

Potential Uses of Buildings

School buildings often occupy a prime location in their communities, with ample frontage and a commanding physical presence. Given those characteristics, many closed buildings have already garnered interest for various types of repurposing.

While final decisions will not be made outside of the formal process, interested parties have already drafted informal proposals for a number of properties. All proposals will be reviewed, but only formal proposals that meet the requirements of the CPS bid solicitation will be considered for ownership of the property.

Commercial use, mixed use and community use are all potential types of use. All proposals must be adequately financed and sustainable. All properties are sold "as is, where is" and will be conveyed to new owners.

Guiding Principles

Primary Priorities

  • Assess facilities by their ability to advance existing community, citywide, and City/sister-agency plans
  • Prioritize reuse strategies for purposes that will make the most efficient use of the current facility configurations
  • Create the most efficient, flexible, and streamlined process for facility disposition
  • Assure future uses are financially viable

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