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Fulfilling our promise to provide a high quality education requires that we remain on sound financial footing and serve as good stewards of public and philanthropic funds. We will advocate with the wider Chicago community for fair school funding from the state so all of Chicago’s children receive the educational resources they need and deserve.

Five-Year Goals

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Secure full education funding from the state.

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Evaluate funding models and identify opportunities to increase equity with an emphasis on supporting underserved populations.

The district will continue to support and invest in our students to build upon our historic academic progress. These positive trends speak to the tireless work and dedication of our principals and educators.

LaTanya D. McDade - Chief Education Officer

Five-Year Goals

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Every school in the district has a one-to-one student to digital device ratio with internet bandwidth that will double 2018 levels.

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Every pre-kindergarten classroom offers a modern learning environment.


80% of the district’s energy usage comes from renewable energy sources.


37% of CPS vendors will be minority- and women-owned businesses.

Operational Excellence

CPS will operate efficiently and support student achievement.

Strategies to Meet Five-Year Goals:

  • Provide a classroom device for every student and teacher.
  • Open more than 500 new pre-kindergarten classrooms.
  • Reduce school utility costs with renewable energy.
  • Improve vendor services to schools.