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We respect our students and families, and the diverse communities in which they live, and honor them as partners in our shared mission. We will earn their trust by communicating openly and consistently acting on community feedback.

Collective Impact

We will work together with students, families, educators, and community partners to support student success by continually engaging our school communities and partners. We will strive to communicate openly and honestly and to face our challenges with a commitment to improve.

Strategies to Meet Five-Year Goals:

  • Strengthen Parent Universities.
  • Develop parents as district leaders.
  • Expand community afterschool and summer programs.
  • Strengthen Local School Council recruitment.
  • Engage students as education leaders.

Five-Year Goals

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Increase the percentage of partners who report they feel engaged with CPS.


83% of parents that they have opportunities to participate in making decisions that affect the whole school community.


92% of parents report that there are many different ways they can be involved with the school.

I hope one day CPS will be an engaging and intellectual space to learn, think critically, and disrupt paradigms of identity.

CPS Student

Five-Year Goals


80% of parents feel CPS is moving in the right direction.


85% of parents feel the children in their community have access to quality education through CPS.


85% of parents feel their children are prepared for many types of opportunities after graduating high school.


We will be open and honest with students, families, educators, and community partners to allow them to engage in our work.

Strategies to Meet Five-Year Goals:

  • Provide parents with clear and timely information.
  • Redesign Parent Portal and the CPS website.
  • Provide communities with important data about their schools.
  • Provide schools more voice in selecting academic programs.
  • Spread the best practices among CPS schools.