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Virtual Courses

CPS high school students can take select courses online to recover a course previously taken, meet a graduation requirement, or take AP courses not offered at their school.

The CPS Virtual Learning program provides an opportunity for actively enrolled CPS students to take virtual courses through an accredited online learning platform with an Illinois Certified Teacher. Only actively enrolled CPS students are eligible for virtual classes.

Students can take virtual courses for credit recovery or original credit in a wide variety of subject areas including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Foreign Languages, and various electives. Students should expect to spend between 60 to 80 hours over the course of four to 16 weeks in order to complete an online course.

Credit recovery means the student is retaking a course that he or she previously failed. Original credit means a course the student has not taken before. In some situations, students can take virtual courses for original credit in order to graduate on time, or to take an honors or advanced placement course not offered at his or her school. Virtual courses are not offered during the summer, except for students who need to meet a requirement to graduate in August.

To enroll in a virtual course, students must work with their school counselor. School principals determine how virtual courses are integrated at each school, so virtual offerings and policies vary by school.