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Credit Recovery Classes

Credit recovery classes ensure high school students stay on track to receive their high school diploma if they have fewer credits than they should have at any given point in their high school career.

Credit recovery classes meet outside regular school hours to give students opportunities to retake a failed course, take courses they need to meet graduation requirements, or take courses not offered at their school. CPS offers flexible credit recovery options so students can choose the best fit for their needs and schedule.

To learn more about your credit recovery options, contact your school counselor.

Classes are offered at select schools and vary by school. Not every course is offered every session. Students who must make up a required course should look for opportunities to take the course as soon as possible so they can graduate on time.

Evening & Saturday Classes

Take credit recovery courses offered in the evenings and on Saturdays during the school year.

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Summer Credit Recovery

Make up academic classes over the summer.

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Virtual Courses

Learn about taking online courses to recover a course previously taken or take a course not offered at your school.

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High School Credit Recovery

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