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Healthy CPS

Healthy CPS demonstrates a school’s commitment to a safe and healthy learning environment by offering access to daily physical activity, nutritious foods, school-based health services, health education and supports for students with chronic conditions.

Healthy CPS Status: Achieved

Healthy CPS aligns with Healthy Chicago, the city’s first public health agenda. The Healthy CPS Indicator is the first ever comprehensive health-focused measure that is included on the CPS school progress report. It was created to help schools streamline health and wellness initiatives already taking place at the school. Learn more with the Healthy CPS one pager (also available in Spanish).

You can download a school's Healthy CPS Report via the school's public profile under the "Downloads" tab, in the "Other" section."

Chronic Conditions

Health Instruction


Health Services

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Allergies
  • AED/CPR Training
  • Seizure
  • Physical Education
  • Sexual Health Education
  • Nutrition Education
  • Health Education
  • School Food 
  • Nutrition Education
  • Farm to School 
  • School Gardens
  • Healthy Celebrations
  • Healthy Fundraising
  • Healthy Rewards
  • Recess
  • Physical Activity
  • StartWELL:
    Healthy CPS for Pre-K
  • Wellness Teams
  • LGBTQ+ Supportive Environments
  • Student and Family Engagement
  • Dental
  • Hearing
  • Medical Compliance
  • Vision

Get involved with your child's school for better student health

Parents in CPS are leading the charge for better student health, and as a parent, you can use CPS student health and wellness policies as a valuable tool for making your child’s school healthier. Here are some ideas about how you can become involved in helping your child’s school achieve Healthy CPS:

  1. Become familiar with Healthy CPS criteria as described in the Healthy CPS Checklist and learn how your child’s school is working to implement these policies.
  2. Join your School Wellness Team, and encourage other parents and community members to participate. Help the Wellness Team create an Action Plan.

Contact for more information.

Healthy CPS Indicator 2020


Student Health and Wellness

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