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Healthy CPS

Healthy CPS for Community Partners

As a community partner your role is to connect schools with your resources and promote your programming, assist with meeting Healthy CPS criteria, and fill in the gaps where needed.

How to Assist with Healthy CPS

  • Overview Healthy CPS with your school partners.
  • Attend or promote Wellness Team meetings (community partners can be members of the wellness team).
  • Help schools identify the importance of implementing Healthy CPS and the importance of public benefits enrollment/coordination. 
  • Prepare schools for the Annual Healthy CPS survey.

Healthy CPS Criteria

Health Instruction

  • Sexual Health Education
  • Physical Education
  • Nutrition Education
  • StartWELL: Early Childhood Wellness
  • School Gardens

Healthy Environments

  • Physical Activity
  • Recess
  • Celebrations, Rewards, and Fundraisers
  • School Food
  • Eat What You Grow Certification
  • Emergency Management Plan
  • LGBTQ+ Supportive Environments

Health Services

  • Dental
  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Medical Compliance

Material Review Committee

The Health and Wellness Materials Review Committee (MRC) serves to ensure that all health- related programs, curricula and other materials provided by outside organizations are approved and aligned with Chicago Public Schools Student Health and Wellness Policies. Organizations that wish to implement their programming, curricula or other materials in CPS schools should use this guide to understand the process for approval.

Food & Fitness Partner Network

The Food and Fitness Partner Network is a network of partners that provides assistance and resources to help schools with programming supporting the Healthy Environments badge (specifically food and fitness programming). This group meets quarterly for training and resource and knowledge sharing.

Interested in becoming a Food and Fitness Partner? Email


The +Network is a group of strategic partners that provide schools with Healthy CPS achievement support. 

Organizations in this network have all been vetted and their programs reviewed and approved by the Office of Student Health and Wellness Materials Review Committee. The Healthy CPS support is focused on criteria under all of the badges, but specifically the Healthy Environments badge. 

+Network partners support school wellness teams by having an in-depth knowledge of Healthy CPS, having the ability to refer schools to a wide-variety of resources, and providing support that creates an environmental change and that can be sustained by the school in the absence of external partners. 

+Network partners work with schools to identify unmet criteria through the Healthy CPS Checklist, assist schools with creating an action plan to comply with unmet criteria, and ensure schools complete the end of the year Healthy CPS Survey.

Interested in becoming a +Network Partner? Email