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Healthy CPS

Healthy CPS for Charter Schools

Healthy CPS is an initiative spearheaded by the Office of Student Health and Wellness to eliminate health-related barriers to learning by providing guidance for adhering to District health and wellness policies.

Charter schools have the option to opt into Healthy CPS to access guidelines and resources for supporting the whole child and sustaining a culture of health and wellness at their school. The SY20-21 Healthy CPS Charter Guidance outlines tips and best practices for prioritizing the health and wellness of your student population. Use this guide with the SY21-22 Healthy CPS Checklist for back to school preparation, year round strategic planning (action steps and goals), and to initiate and/or maintain a shift toward a culture of health for your school.

Opting into Healthy CPS

The Office of Student Health and Wellness offers Charter Schools the option to opt-in/out of Healthy CPS compliance. Per Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), charter schools are not mandated to follow CPS instructional minute requirements. If you opt out of Healthy CPS, the Healthy CPS Indicator on your School Progress Report will read “not participating”. 

Should you choose to participate in Healthy CPS, you will be responsible for meeting all badges, which includes meeting all health instructional minutes. 

Directions for opting out are provided annually on the Epicenter in collaboration with the Office of Innovation and Incubation.

Subscribe to the Healthy CPS Digest

The Healthy CPS Digest is a newsletter dedicated to CPS Health and Wellness updates, resources, and programming/training opportunities that advance Healthy CPS efforts. 


Mandatory Trainings and Forms

To comply with CPS Policy and State Law, school staff are required to complete several health-related trainings. Additional trainings are required if you are designated as a Diabetes Care Aide or Seizure Care Aide, or if you volunteer to be a Sexual Health Instructor.