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Farm to School Program

The CPS Farm to School program integrates local food in the dining center, growing food in the school garden, and nutrition education in the classroom.

Academic connections across core content areas and increased access to healthy foods help children and families embrace healthy eating at school and in their community.

More than 400 Chicago Public Schools have a school garden and are eligible to complete the Eat What You Grow program which certifies schools to safely harvest and serve school garden produce. Questions about starting a garden at your school or Eat What You Grow Training? Contact

Local Food in the Dining Center Districtwide procurement data is updated regularly and includes year-to-date local spend data, local spend data by school year, total pounds procured, and archived data from past school years. A list of farms, items menued from each farm, serve dates, and year-to-date poundage procured from each farm can also be found for each month.

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