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Wellness Teams

The Wellness Team is typically formed with the principal first nominating a Wellness Champion from amongst the school staff. They then identify key stakeholders and create a team that is sustainable and representative of a broad range of interests.

Wellness Teams typically comprise three to 20 members and ideally include representatives from staff (principal, school nurse, PE teacher, dining manager, and/or teachers), the community such as partner organizers, parents/guardians, and students. The following individuals must be included on a Wellness Team: Early Childhood Representative (if your school has Pre-K), the garden coordinator (if your school has a garden), and a parent, student, or community representative.

Each school is required to have a Wellness Team, a group of individuals who work to create a wellness culture within the school. A wellness team is integral to achieving Healthy CPS status for your school. Groups with six to 12 members are often most effective. The Wellness Team should be representative of the school community. It must have at least three members. Applicable roles must be included (Garden Coordinator, Pre-K representative), and student groups must be consulted.

Get involved with your child's school for better student health:

  • Parents in CPS are leading the charge for better student health, and as a parent, you can use CPS student health and wellness policies as a valuable tool for making your child’s school healthier. Here are some ideas about how you can become involved in helping your child’s school achieve Healthy CPS:
  • Become familiar with Healthy CPS criteria as described in the Healthy CPS Checklist and learn how your child’s school is working to implement these policies.
  • Join your School Wellness Team, and encourage other parents and community members to participate. Help the Wellness Team create an Action Plan.

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