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School Meals and Nutrition

Chicago Public Schools offers free, nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch snacks to all students.

CPS Meal Sites

The health and wellbeing of our students and staff is always our top priority. Since the temporary closure of our schools due to COVID-19, Chicago Public Schools has served millions of grab-and-go meals to families. Parents, guardians, and students can continue to pick up meals at more than 400 schools, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (schedules are subject to change and may vary from school to school). Please use the Meal Site Locator to find a school near you.

Meal Site Schedule

Keep Track of upcoming meal pick-up dates.

May 02


May 03


8am - 1pm
May 04


8am - 1pm
May 05


8am - 1pm
May 06


8am - 1pm
May 07


8am - 1pm
May 08



* Times are subject to change.


Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fat-free and 1% milk, and peanut butter (or Sun Butter®) and jelly sandwiches are served every day in addition to our core menus. See each month's core menu and nutritional information for your child’s school below.

Download May Pre-K In-School Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack Menus


Download May K-12 In-School Breakfast Menu


Download May K-12 In-School Lunch Menu


Download May Meal Distribution Kit Menu


May 2021-Pre-K Breakfast Menu

May 2021 Pre-K Lunch Menu

May 2021 Pre-K Snack Menu

May 2021 SFSP K-12 Breakfast (in-school) between May 1st and May 15th

May 2021 SFSP K-12 Breakfast (in-school) After May 16th

May 2021 Monthly Menu In-Person K-12 Lunch Menu between May 1st and May 15th

May 2021 Monthly Menu In-Person K-12 Lunch Menu after May 16th

May 2021 Meal Distribution Kit Breakfast Menu

May 2021 Meal Distribution Kit Lunch Menu

May 2021 Meal Distribution Kit Afterschool Supper Menu

Carbohydrate Reports


Spring Meal Distribution Kit


Potential Changes

There may be times when the district needs to change available meal sites. These changes may happen for several reasons:

  • Community needs for nutrition support may change
  • Sites may merge to cover unexpected staffing demands or absences
  • A school may need to undergo special cleaning or repairs
  • Equipment may need to be serviced or replaced
  • A school may need to undergo a COVID-19 or other public health investigation

Please monitor this page for the latest information on available meal pick-up days.

Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarian options are always available. For support accommodating other dietary restrictions, including food allergies, contact your school or email Find more information on supporting students with food allergies on the Allergies section of the Chronic Conditions page.

Reporting Issues with School Food

If there is an issue with a single meal, the student should notify the school’s dining manager, who should offer another option.

If there are consistent issues with the food at your school, please take the following steps:

  • Continue to report them to your dining manager.
  • Report the issue to your school principal.
  • Begin to keep a daily log.

Report the issues to

  • CPS Farm to School

    Farm to School integrates local food in the dining center and growing food in the school garden.

    Learn More

  • CPS Nutrition Guidelines

    CPS is committed to providing healthy, high-quality food to all students.

    Learn More

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    Help Us Create New Menus

    Parents, please take a short survey about breakfast and lunch items your child enjoys.

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Nutrition Support Services

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