Opportunity Schools: Make a Difference Where You're Needed Most

The Opportunity Schools are a cohort of 50 schools that are poised to make dramatic improvements in the coming years. CPS partners with Opportunity Schools to provide intensive teacher recruitment, retention and teacher leadership supports.

If you are a teacher who is interested in being part of this exciting initiative, please email your resume to the CPS Educator Equity Office at opportunityschools@cps.edu. Following an interview process, CPS will provide highly intensive and individualized support to help find the perfect school for you.

Designed for Your Success

CPS is committed to supporting teachers who are working in Opportunity Schools.

Academic Progress

Support in finding a position in Opportunity Schools

We provide a highly personalized recruiting experience. By taking the time to understand your professional goals and geographical preferences, we are able to help you find a position in a school that meets your needs and interests.

Financial Stability

Personal coaching and professional development

We support our teachers year round. We provide summer training that will prepare you for a successful start of school, pair you with an onsite veteran mentor teacher who will support you with your day-to-day responsibilities, and assign you to a district-level coach who will provide you with intensive professional development. Additionally, we will invite you to join a professional learning community (PLC) designed exclusively for Opportunity School teachers.

CPS' Integrity

Leadership development opportunities

We provide incentivized leadership opportunities to our Opportunity School teachers. For teachers who excel in their role, we are implementing the Opportunity Culture Model in partnership with seven Opportunity Schools during 2018-19. This model trains teacher coaches and provides them with release time and stipends so that they can provide even more support to our new teachers.

What Teachers Say About Working in Opportunity Schools

“It was helpful for me to have someone play the 'matchmaker' role between myself and a school. When I was beginning the job application process it was very overwhelming, but having [the Opportunity Schools recruitment team] to help make connections between myself and a school was very important.”

- Phebe M. Humanities Teacher Pilsen Community Academy

“I love having an [IES] coach who comes in to watch me teach and give feedback in a way that's non-evaluative. She has been such a great resource so far, observing several of my classes and being able to offer specific feedback and suggestions. I [enjoy] all of her visit days.”

- Abigail J. Math/Science Teacher Richards Career Academy

“Opportunity Schools has provided a lot of great resources and professional development opportunities, but nothing has compared to the support provided by a dedicated, experienced teacher who knows the students and how to navigate the complex responsibilities of a teacher.”

- John N., Middle School Mathematics George Leland Elementary

“What I like most about the Opportunity Schools program is that I feel I am connected to a larger network. I am able to look forward to Professional Learning Communities surrounded by teachers who may be teaching in a similar environment to me.”

- Amanda L., 2nd-grade Teacher James R Doolittle Jr Elementary

“I [enjoy] teaching in a high-need school because of both the challenges and the rewards that come with the experience. My students have faced immense struggles in their short lives; however, they still bring so much joy and curiosity to our classroom community. Being a facilitator in my students’ growth, both as learners and as human beings, makes the daily difficulties worthwhile.”

- Kate B., Kindergarten Teacher Pilsen Community Academy

“The school was absolutely the right fit for me. I am so thankful the [Opportunity Schools recruitment] team led me there.”

- Alicia D. Kindergarten Teacher Avalon Park Elementary

“[My school] is small and [close-knit where] every student and teacher matters. I appreciate the community they've built and getting to be a part of it. My mentor is especially supportive, regularly checks in, answers questions and helps me feel included.”

- Sadie Q., Diverse Learner Teacher Ambrose Plamondon Elementary

Opportunity Schools Referral Program

Know a teacher who would be a great fit for Opportunity Schools?

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2018-19 Opportunity Schools

Community School
ASHBURN William J. Bogan Computer Technical High School
AUBURN GRESHAM Foster Park Elementary School
Mahalia Jackson Elementary School
Richard J Oglesby Elementary School
William H Ryder Math & Science Specialty ES
AUSTIN Austin College and Career Academy High School
George Leland Elementary School
Harriet E Sayre Elementary Language Academy
AVALON PARK Avalon Park Elementary School
BRIGHTON PARK Frank W Gunsaulus Elementary Scholastic Academy
CALUMET HEIGHTS Mary E McDowell Elementary School
DOUGLAS James R Doolittle Jr Elementary School
EAST GARFIELD PARK Manley Career Academy High School
John Marshall Metropolitan High School
Al Raby High School
ENGLEWOOD Lillian R. Nicholson STEM Academy
Dr. Martin L. King Jr Academy of Social Justice
Perkins Bass Elementary School
GAGE PARK Rachel Carson Elementary School
GARFIELD RIDGE Phoebe Apperson Hearst Elementary School
GRAND BOULEVARD Ludwig Van Beethoven Elementary School
GREATER GRAND CROSSING Emil G Hirsch Metropolitan High School
HERMOSA Sharon Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
LITTLE VILLAGE Cyrus H McCormick Elementary School
Maria Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy
LOGAN SQUARE Charles R Darwin Elementary School
LOWER WEST SIDE Pilsen Elementary Community Academy
NEW CITY Ellen H Richards Career Academy High School
John H Hamline Elementary School
NORTH LAWNDALE Charles Evans Hughes Elementary School
Lawndale Elementary Community Academy
Ambrose Plamondon Elementary School
PULLMAN George M Pullman Elementary School
Theophilus Schmid Elementary School
RIVERDALE Ira F Aldridge Elementary School
ROGERS PARK Eugene Field Elementary School
ROSELAND Christian Fenger Academy High School
SOUTH CHICAGO Bowen High School
SOUTH DEERING Orville T Bright Elementary School
SOUTH SHORE South Shore Fine Arts Academy
UPTOWN Joseph Brennemann Elementary School
Uplift Community High School
WASHINGTON HEIGHTS Fernwood Elementary School
WASHINGTON PARK Edmond Burke Elementary School
WEST ENGLEWOOD Anna R. Langford Community Academy
Asa Philip Randolph Elementary School
Daniel S Wentworth Elementary School
WEST PULLMAN Jesse Owens Elementary Community Academy
Thomas J Higgins Elementary Community Academy
WEST TOWN Jose De Diego Elementary Community Academy
WOODLAWN Emmett Louis Till Math and Science Academy
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