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Office of Portfolio Management (OPM)

The Office of Portfolio Management (OPM) ensures every student in Chicago has a choice of well-resourced schools in their neighborhood that best meet their unique learning needs by building coherent and aligned systems for enrollment, regional school planning, incubation of quality school options, and school accountability across the district.

Portfolio Management

The OPM is committed to engaging in a community-based, data-driven, and fully transparent process that strengthens school communities through aligning the departments listed below.


  • Office of Access and Enrollment (OAE)

    The Office of Access and Enrollment oversees the application, testing, selection, projection, and transfer process for all district managed schools and designated charter schools to ensure all Chicago children have equal access to high-quality programs that fit their educational needs.


  • Office of Innovation and Incubation (I&I)

    The Office of Innovation and Incubation (I&I) provides incubation, management, and oversight of charter, contract, and alternative schools as options for CPS students and families. This department also leads the district’s Academic RFP process, which provides school communities across the city with access to highly demanded programs. In just its second year of engaging with communities, it has committed over $50 million across 54 schools in new programs.


  • Office of Planning and Data Management (PDM)

    The Office of Planning and Data Management enables and supports the district by offering a variety of geographically based school and student data management services that help us understand student demographics and population trends. Among these services is PDM’s leading role in shaping the district’s Annual Regional Analysis.


  • School Quality Measurement & Research (SQMR)

    School Quality Measurement and Research provides strategic planning infrastructure, and timely and accurate school performance management, data, and analysis to schools, networks, and Central Office. SQMR builds a foundation of high-quality, research-based evidence to inform district practice, policy, and vision; and community choices.