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Business Diversity

As a major employer and purchaser of goods and services, CPS is committed to the goal of enhancing economic opportunities for certified minority-owned and woman-owned business enterprises in the Chicagoland area, by promoting access to procurement opportunities within Chicago Public Schools.

Program Goals

Promote diversification of CPS’ contractor/vendor base through increased opportunities for diverse vendors.

Category goals:

Current Initiatives

In an effort to advance supplier diversity at CPS, the Business Diversity department:

  • Assure that M/WBE vendors are informed of CPS contracting opportunities
  • Provide M/WBE vendors with relevant information and assistance related to CPS procurement practices and procedures, and bid/proposals specifications and requirements
  • Establish a Mentor Protégé Program to assist capacity building for M/WBE firms

For more information email us at:

MBE & WBE Certification

Assist Agencies are comprised of not-for-profit agencies and/or chamber of commerce agencies that represent the interest of small, minority and/or women owned businesses. These organizations can help explain the certification process and assist applicants with the completion of various bid forms and applications.

OBD Certifications and Compliance Requirements

Certifications Chicago Public Schools Accepts

  • City of Chicago
  • Cook County
  • State of Illinois
  • Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)
  • Illinois Department of Transportation
  • Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • All governmental certification

Chicago Public Schools OBD Compliance Requirements

Vendor and its subcontractors shall provide all required compliance data with respect to the Remedial Plan via the Board’s electronic system available at Vendor and its subcontractors shall be responsible for responding to any requests for data or information by the noted response due dates, and shall check the electronic system on a regular basis to manage contact information and contract records. Vendor shall also be responsible for ensuring that all subcontractors have completed all requested items with complete and accurate information and that their contact information is current.

For assistance with creating a login on the Compliance website site:, please call the Office of Business Diversity.

We encourage all vendors to take the quick training course located on the compliance website.

Office of Business Diversity


773-553-2998 (Fax)

Department of Procurement


773-553-2251 (Fax)

Vendors/External Users, please submit your questions via Procurement Customer Service Request Form.

CPS Internal Users, please submit your questions via Procurement School Support.