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Curriculum Equity Initiative

The Curriculum Equity Initiative is a comprehensive plan for resources, programs, policies, structures, and technologies. It ensures that every child, in every Chicago neighborhood, can benefit from high-quality curriculum and instructional resources.

While some teachers currently have access to instructional materials, quality and access vary greatly among district schools, with nearly half of surveyed CPS educators reporting that their school does not have curriculum available in the subject they teach. 

When teachers lack the resources they need, they head online to supplement or piece together curriculum. But the uneven quality of online resources and a disconnect between online materials and educational standards contribute to inequitable access and performance across the district.

To achieve our vision of providing a high-quality, rigorous education for all students, we established the Curriculum Equity Initiative. At the core of the Initiative is a standards-aligned, grade-level-appropriate, and culturally relevant collection of curricular materials that CPS educators across all grade levels and subjects will be able to utilize to ensure that the needs of all students are met, especially English learners and students receiving specialized services.

The Curriculum Equity Initiative’s resources include a curriculum development guidebook covering educational standards; process documents; rubrics; evidence guides; and a growing library of current research and best practices around curriculum and teaching and learning with technology.

While schools and educators will continue to have the autonomy to implement their own lesson plans, the Initiative will ensure teachers at all schools have guaranteed access to high-quality, culturally responsive curriculum to supplement or serve as a basis for instruction.

If you have questions about the specific curricula or programs offered at your school, contact your school principal or in the case of larger schools, the staff member who oversees a particular core subject area.

Fast Facts

55 percent of teachers say that high-quality instructional materials and textbooks are one of the top five funding priorities.

Source: Scholastic: Teacher and Principal School Report Card (2016)