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Lead with CPS

In order to promote Continuous Learning and supplement existing programs for all staff, Lead With CPS is part of the district’s commitments to increase transparency and equity around career pathways, invest in the development of employees and create talent pipelines.

We are committed to providing CPS employees with Continuous Learning and opportunities to develop leadership. We expect all employees to embody our core values and continually improve their skills within their roles. This framework is intended to increase transparency about the most important leadership competencies at CPS and how they come to life in various roles.

On Lead With CPS, employees can search for leadership opportunities, learn how the framework aligns with their role, and access additional tools, resources, and information.

Visit the Lead With CPs site

You know there is a lot of problem solving we can do for teachers, but it is more sustainable and more thoughtful when teachers learn with each other and from each other.

Didi Swartz, Assistant Principal, Galileo Scholastic Academy